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How to get started using Ansible

Once you’ve found a few common configuration items, and identified repetitive tasks, you can begin the noble work of getting #Ansible to do the parts of your job that you don’t like doing.


Working with logical volumes (part 1)

Part one of working with logical volumes will cover the basic’s involved in creating logical volumes. TL;DR For those of you who just want the order of the commands. sudo pvcreate </path/to/device> sudo vgcreate <vgname> </path/to/device> sudo lvcreate -n <lvname> -L <size> <vgname> sudo mkfs.<filesystem> </path/to/lv> What you need to follow this guide A free …

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Working with files in Linux – File Attributes

In the previous two posts, we’ve looked at file permissions and access control lists. Today let’s take look at file attributes. Whereas, permissions and ACL’s deal with user and group access to a file, attributes are properties of a file that regulate how the operating system interacts with a given file. There are 15 file …

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