nmcli - notes

Show connections

nmcli con show

Show active connections

nmcli con show --active

Show connection configuration settings


nmcli con show "<device name>" 

Show device status

nmcli dev show


nmcli dev status

Connections can be modified or changed with nmcli con mod

Create new connection

nmcli con add

  • Con-name “ (connection name)
  • Ifname “ (an existing device)
  • Type ethernet
  • Ipv4 or ipv6 < ip address / cidr)
  • Gw4 example:
nmcli con add con-name "static-eth0" ifname eth0 type ethernet ip4 gw4

Nmcli con mod

  • Name
  • Field + value
nmcli con mod static-eth0 ipv4.dns <ipaddress>

Activate connection

nmcli con up <name>

Disable autoconnect

Nic teaming

define team interface

nmcli con add type team con-name team0  ifname team0 config '{"runner": {"name": "activebackup"}'

What it means:

  • Nmcli add connection
  • Connection type team
  • Connection name
  • Interface name
  • Configuration settings in json format

Give team0 an ip address

nmcli con mod team0 ipv4.addresses '<someip>'
nmcli con mod team0 ipv4.method manual

What it means:

  • Nmcli modify existing connection
  • Connection name is team0
  • Setting is ipv4.address
  • Method is manual

Create team ports using connection type team slave

nmcli con add type team-slave con-name team0-port1 ifname eno1 master team0

What it means:

  • Nmcli add new connection
  • Con type is team-slave
  • Con name is team0-port1
  • Interface name is eno1
  • Declare con master team0

check team state

teamdctl team0 state

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