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The Right to Privacy

The 9th Amendment The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. I read this as: “The Constitution doesn’t list every right we have, you stupid fuck.” Madison on the Enumeration of Rights The Federalists contended that a bill of rights was unnecessary. They responded to those opposing ratification of the Constitution because of the lack of a declaration of fundamental rights by arguing that, inasmuch as it would be impossible to list all rights, it would be dangerous to list some and thereby lend support to the argument that government was unrestrained as to those rights not listed.

Using the :read command in vim

This post assumes you know enough about vim to use it relatively comfortably. If you have never used it, or only have cautious interactions with it then you’ll want to start with a tutorial. From your terminal type vim then, Esc followed by :vimtutor press Enter and do the full introduction before proceeding. The famous vim text editor has lots of great features one of the lesser known features (or one I didn’t know about till recently anyway) is the read command.

How to install vimwiki in neovim

As I mentioned a couple blog posts ago, I like to keep a personal knowledge base and I’ve been trying to move away from commercial cloud products like Evernote. Not because there is anything wrong with Evernote or other note taking apps, but because I think plain text is a superior format due to its overall flexibility. The best tool I’ve found so far to help me stay organized with my personal writing is vimwiki.

Linux must stand up to the enemies of democracy

Update 2022-03-09 As of yesterday Red Hat has announced that they are immediately discontinuing sales and services in Russia, Belarus, and organizations headquarted in those countries. “While relevant sanctions must guide many of our actions, we’ve taken additional measures as a company. Effective immediately, Red Hat is discontinuing sales and services in Russia and Belarus (for both organizations located in or headquartered in Russia or Belarus). This includes discontinuing partner relationships with organizations based in or headquartered in Russia or Belarus.

Plain Text Notes

Digital Hoarding For years I’ve been a heavy note taker, as well as a semi-regular journal writer. I try to keep fairly detailed notes while I’m learning something new, which comes in handy more frequently than you might think. Note taking is my secret weapon when it comes to keeping up with new technologies, or even old technologies that I need to pick up and remember. For many years I used OneNote to keep notes on Linux commands, configurations, general tech topics as well as my journals.

Run it later with atd

Schedule Ansible playbook to run later with atd Just a quick note today. I used Ansible as an example for this but you can use any command really. If you have a need to run an Ansible playbook at a specific time but do not need to schedule it to run on a reoccurring basis. You can use the at deamon to schedule your playbook to run “at” a specific time or date.