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Cloud Storage and Sanity

I have a lot of Apple devices in my house hold, my family and I have become accustomed to the ease of use, and deep integration of iCloud in iOS and MacOS devices. Apple’s recent announcement to add their child safety technology to iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey has been met with a lot of concern, not all of it unfounded. The EFF has written a few fairly compelling pieces about the dangers of this technology.

CentOS Dilemma

I should state right off the bat that everything you are about to read is just an opinion. I don’t have any insider information I didn’t reach out to anyone at Red Hat for comment, because there is already a ton of stuff online and I’m sure you can find it if you are looking. This also isn’t a post about CentOS Stream, I don’t really know anything about CentOS Stream as I’ve never used it, and I don’t have much interest in it at the moment.

Firefox copy and paste with Apache Guacamole

If you’re not familiar with Apache’s Guacamole project, it is a clientless remote desktop gateway that allows you to access your desktop from any web browser. It’s actually pretty cool software that I’ve been using quite a bit lately. As a Firefox user, however, one little annoyance has been that direct copy and paste has been a problem. The Guacamole docs have a brief section that explains how to copy and paste using the Guacamole menu bar, but that is combersome and not very user friendly.

LXD Cloud Init

Use cloud-init to build LXD/LXC containers Over the last few months I’ve been reading and writing a lot about containers using podman on this site. I even went so far as to move this site onto the podman container platform, though I’ve recently de-containerized this site. Managing each container image was getting exhausting and in the long run I really didn’t see the point in all the extra work, so I carefully backed out my container changes, and my workload on the web server has gone way down.

How to log sudo commands with auditd

Trust but verify This post is about the audit daemon (auditd) that is available for most Linux systems. Recently I’ve been looking at alternative ways to monitor sudo users on the servers I manage. Generally speaking it’s a good practice to keep an audit trail on managed systems. From a purely security perspective the more auditing you have on a system the easier any incident response should become when you need it.

Putting it all together - Podman WordPress hosting

Time to hang the mission accomplished banners! This site is 100% powered by Podman containers! It’s been a long, hard road but we made it! Around 2 months ago, way back at the end of May, I said that I was going to migrate this site, along with the others I host into containers using the Podman container engine. As of now (2 weeks ago really) that work is done. Every part of this site has been shoehorned into containers.