Look Mom! I'm doing Emacs!

Where do I turn in my vim card?

Every so often I get a wild hair up my ass and decide that I want to learn Emacs. A couple weeks ago one of those hairs appeared, and as a result here I am writing a blog post about Emacs, with Emacs, for people who will probably never use Emacs.

Doom Emacs to be exact.

I can't be bothered to learn all the crazy Emacs keyboard bindings, truth be told I'm too old and lazy to put my fragile little pinky fingers through the torture required to become efficient with the default key bindings.

Instead, I've been using Doom Emacs, which is a little bit like Spacemacs but less popular.

Doom Emacs being less popular was important to me. This way I can keep my street cred even after handing over my Vim card.

Doom Emacs has a lot of benefits over the vanilla version of Emacs. Most notably (like Spacemacs) it has a very discoverable interface that can be explored through the menu that appears when you hit the space bar.

I found the configuration files to be a little more understandable in Doom over Spacemacs. Beyond that I think the Doom Emacs spacebar menu is a little more responsive with a bit easier navigation.

Try them both out and see what you think. Or don't...

I really need to tell you about orgmode!

But I'm not going to right now because I've done about all the writting I can do for the moment.

What I will say is this. From what I can tell every note taking app on earth really really wants to be Emacs Orgmode, but they just can't seem to get it right.