Thank you for visiting!! is a personal passion project that tends to focus on advanced Linux tutorials, and other topics of interest in the technology world.

My current costs are fairly minimal around 7 dollars a month which is just for email, and the domain name. I try to keep my costs low so that I can continue publishing at no cost to my readers.

However, if you'd like show a bit of support I won't turn my nose up to it.

How you can help


I use Fastmail to host my email for the blog. If you follow the link from this page you'll get a 10% discount and I'll get a little bit of break on my costs as well. It's a win win.


Backblaze is a cloud backup solution for Mac and Windows desktops. I use it on my home computers, and if you sign up using the link on this page you get a free month of service through backblaze, and so do I. If you're looking for a good backup solution give them a try!