Last updated Monday, January 29, 2024


Nothing you do on the web is private. – if you disagree that’s cool, you can be wrong and we can still be friends.

I receive only the information that you provide, which at this time is only email. So don't send me anything you don't want me to keep forever.

In general I'll keep your email until I get bored, frustrated, or anxious and just purge it all. Or until I stop paying for my domain and the powers that be take it back.

In any event I will never sell the information you provide on this site or via email, and will make every reasonable effort to protect whatever data I do collect.

Who am I?

~$ whoami


I'm a big fan of chocolate chip and M&M cookies.


This blog is hosted on Bear Blog. You can take a gander at the privacy policy for Bear Blog if you so choose.

Included with Bear Blog is some rudimentary analytics that are provided by the platform. Here is some handy dandy information about that.

At the moment I'm also testing out Plausible on a 30 day trial.

I'm not using Google Analytics and I likely never will. - If I change my mind I'll update this page.

How long I retain your data

I don't have your data.

If you send me a nice email that is full of praise for my work I will likely keep it and cherish it forever.

If you send me a mean email I will likely do the following in no particular order: "Read it" --> "Make a sad face" --> "Delete it" --> "feel much better." However, I may choose to keep it forever... In any event I won't sell your email address or contents or anything else to anyone else.

You're welcome.


While I won't sell your hurtful critical email info, there is a good chance that I'll forward it to all my friends so we can have a good laugh at your expense.

Will you send me a copy of whatever data you have about me?

I don't have any of your data unless you sent me an email. Feel free to keep a copy of the emails you send.