About Me

I am a Linux and Open Source advocate, who has a lot of experience with Ansible, Enterprise Linux, and much of the ecosystem required to manage it. Satellite 6, Puppet, Red Hat Insights.

I became hooked on Linux back in 2004(ish) when I was working as an auto mechanic and an old computer decided it had lived a good life and chose to move on. I, being an over confident fresh into the civilian world Marine assumed fixing it couldn't be too hard and the end result is you reading this web page for reason's that neither of us can be sure of. You my friend need to rethink your life choices if you are still reading my resume...

Gosh you must be desperate.

Ok, moving on to the good parts.


Red Hat


After being a terrible student throughout my elementary and high school years, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. where that nonchalant attitude was sent on a permanent leave of absence.

After the Marines I became an excellent student, I completed my Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Capella University in December of 2014. Yeah it took me good long while - Along with going to school, I worked two jobs, and started a family.

Why would you mention the Marines in the "Education Section"?

Because the Marine Corps. was easily the most formative time in my life, I learned more about myself in those four years than I ever could have outside of the Corps. And after being a Marine I get to do whatever I want with my resume page. See I even started a sentence with "and" which my elementary teachers hated... but hey at least I know it's wrong.

Work Experience

Something new might be showing up here soon!

Columbus State Community College (Since 2021)

Adjunct Professor

I teach an 8 week Workforce Development, Introduction to Linux Course. Where I spend a significant amount of class time complaining about how terrible putty is, and that everyone should just get a real computer with a real terminal.

I get to meet and work with people who's Linux skills range from "I don't have a computer" to "I'm a full stack devsecops 10x SRE", and everything in between.

I love to be able to teach the basics to people new to Linux or computing in general, and hopefully see them walk away with an appreciation of Open Source Technology.

I love being challenged with tough questions, from my more experienced students and occasionally we all learn something new together.

The Ohio State University 2016 to 2022

Go Bucks!

Senior Linux Systems Administrator

This was hands down the best job I've ever had and I will always have fond memories of my co-workers.

Well... almost, the best job I have ever had was at a Country Club when I was 15. I got to drive the range cart.

In this job I did various Linuxy things that I am very proud of, including building an automated patching solution, streamlining lots of tedious manual processes, and designing a (nearly) fully automated server building solution.

I did all this not because I'm a dedicated employee mind you, it's because I don't like doing those things and I'd rather have the computer do them for me.

University of Toledo 2015 to 2016

Go Rockets!

College Systems Administrator

I did this job for a year before moving to Columbus. In this role I managed several computer labs. I made some good friends while managing the student help desk, and I learned how insane college faculty members can be.

I wrote scripts to automate updates in the computer labs, I picked out new carpet and paint colors at the College of Engineering labs, and designed an imaging system with Alterius that would allow me to deploy lab images, with software specific to each lab from the comfort of my huge office. Again it should be stressed that I did this because I don't like to work, not because I'm a great employee.

The accomplishment I'm most proud of in the position though, and the one I will remember forever is taking away admin access to the lab computers for all the students and faculty. It was done under the guise of "security" but if we're being honest it was just a power trip.

Modern Data 2013 to 2015

Technical Support Specialist

This is the "Second Best" technology related job I've ever had.

In this job I worked as front line support for several small to medium sized business around Toledo Ohio. Everything from warehouses, to manufacturing plants, to law offices, and even a few churches. I met lots good people and learned a lot about how different businesses in different fields operate.

In this job I encountered a crypto-locker type virus for the first time and found out how hard it can be to tell a business owner that they didn't pay for backups... and thus I also learned what it's like for a company to lose a contract.

This job was almost fully on Microsoft platforms with just a few exceptions having a Linux server or two. Since I was one of only 2 people in that office with Linux type knowledge I became the defacto go to person when something wasn't quite right in Linux land.


Am I a cultural fit?

I try not to take myself too seriously. I'm just some guy who runs a blog and enjoy's the work I do. If your workplace doesn't allow smiling during working hours, or you can't give people the benefit of the doubt we probably won't work well together.

I am best managed by managers who realize they don't need to manage me. Point me toward your problem and let me figure it out, a little guidance here and there to make sure I'm understanding the problem and focusing on what's important is all I need.

If this resume page did not make me thoroughly unhireable then there is a good chance we will get along.