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Handy Dandy Cheat Sheet

vim cheat sheet

:set incsearch 


The :jumps command gives a list of positions you jumped to.

Jump to last

ctrl + o

Open vim with backup copy

vim -c "set backupcopy=yes" <file_name>

vim remove starting spaces


or use left align command


vim remove trailing white space


Open multiple files in vim

vim -d file1 file2

Create a new file

:e name-of-file.extension

Show buffers (other open files)


Switch between buffers

:b <number>
:b 2

Next buffer / previous buffer


Split windows

:split file_name
:vsplit filename
:vsp filename

move between windows or splits

control + w 2times
ctrl + w [h/j/k/l] --> vim movements 

Vim tabs

open multiple files in tabs

vim -p file1 file2
tabnew path/to/file
tabedit file

Move between tabs

gt --> move to next tab
gT --> move to previous tab

Vim file explorer

:Explore - opens netrw in the current window
:Sexplore - opens netrw in a horizontal split
:Vexplore - opens netrw in a vertical split

List registers


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